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'90s Oregon Trail lets you die from dial-up, not dysentery

Why die from snake bites in the Oregon Trail game when you can suffer from 1990s problems like bad haircuts and unexpected digital pet deaths in Crystal Pepsi Trail?

The '90s were an exciting decade. America Online flooded our mailboxes with install CDs so we could access the internet with ease. Everyone danced the Macarena. Fanny packs were a fashionable way to carry around valuables. And Beanie Babies seemed like a good investment.

And the drink of the day? It was the colorless soda Crystal Pepsi (which tastes pretty much like regular Pepsi) that people loved or loved to hate.

Crystal Pepsi was discontinued in 1993, but PepsiCo is bringing back the soft drink for a limited time starting July 11 in Canada and August 8 in the United States. To get people excited about the drink returning to the shelves, PepsiCo has remade the classic educational DOS game Oregon Trail.

Instead of dealing with the usual covered-wagon pioneer perils like having to cross a river, deal with snake bites and battle the dreaded dysentery, now players must contend with super-slow dial-up internet connections, embarrassing hairstyles and tragic Tamagotchi digital pets dying. All while driving a retro station wagon along the Crystal Pepsi Trail.

The game will be available to play online at starting on July 7. Good luck!