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Order vintage-style photo prints from your iPhone

Printic turns your snapshots into Polaroid-like prints and delivers them in a cute little envelope, all for 99 cents apiece.

With Printic, just choose a handful of photos from one or more sources, and the app will deliver Polaroid-style prints to you door.
With Printic, just choose a handful of photos from one or more sources, and the app will deliver Polaroid-style prints to you door. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

It's one thing to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but sometimes you just want old-fashioned prints. You know, the kind you can stick to your fridge, clip to a board, hang on a wall, and so on. That's especially true if you want to share fond memories with friends or family members. You know, the kind you get from a wedding, vacation, birthday party, and so on.

Printic turns your iPhone photos into Polaroid-style prints, then delivers them to one or more recipients. It's a simple concept, done well.

The app lets you choose photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook account, and/or Instagram account. Just tap to select the ones you want (the minimum order is three pictures), then move on to the editing process.

Here you can crop, move, and/or scale each one, change the quantity, and add a caption. (In case you've never seen a Polaroid, it has a white border with a larger blank area at the bottom.) But Printic doesn't have any filtering or other photo-enhancing options a la Instagram. If you want to make any of those kinds of modifications, you'll need to do so in advance using a different app.

With those options done, all that's left is to choose the recipient(s). Printic charges a flat rate of 99 cents (shipping included) per 3x4-inch print, and promises delivery within three days from "the best photo labs."

Printic isn't perfect. I had trouble connecting to my Facebook account (until I logged out and back in), and on one occasion the app crashed on me right after I'd finished choosing and tweaking my photos. After I was able to place an order, I received an e-mail confirmation almost immediately -- with all kinds of gobbledygook code at the top.

These are pretty minor issues. For the most part, Printic makes fast and easy work of ordering cool-looking prints right from your phone. If you're looking for a cool way to commemorate an occasion, either for yourself or someone else, this is a nifty option. Oh, and the promo vid is pretty cute, too: