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Orb MyCast: Stream to your Wii

Orb lets Wii owners use their consoles to stream media through the Opera Web browser.

It's not out of its beta stages yet, but the Nintendo Wii version of the Opera Web browser already has some gamers getting very creative. Using the Orb streaming media program, a Wii user managed to stream video from his PC to his Wii. Orb is a program that turns computers into streaming media servers, so users can access their movies and music through any compatible Web browser.

Though originally intended for streaming media to portable devices such as laptops, PDAs, and cell phones, this Wii compatibility presents some fun, new opportunities. Much like the Xbox 360's Windows Media extension feature, this lets the Wii function as a makeshift media center. Orb has taken the word of the Wii compatibility and run with it. In a recent press release, the company noted the YouTube video and the encouraging possibilities of the Wii compatibility. This also marks one of the first times a company has linked to a YouTube video in a press release.

Orb is available as a free download, though you still need a Nintendo Wii if you want to do the nifty things mentioned above. The beta version of the Opera browser for the Wii is also free for now, but the company plans to charge users once the browser is officially released.