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Orb drive installed in a G3/BW Mac

Orb drive installed in a G3/BW Mac

A reader reports that he successfully installed a Castlewood EIDE internal Orb drive into his G3/BW. He writes:

"The only disadvantage is that the drivers for the Mac are not yet available. Therefore, the Mac OS doesn't recognize when a cartridge has been changed and I must use a software utility to dismount before removing a cart and then remount after inserting a new cart. Castlewood tells me that drivers should be available by either end of this month or beginning of next month.

I have the Orb installed where the internal Zip drive used to reside. Installation was quite straight forward except that the Orb is actually a bit shorter (in depth) than the Zip, so plugging the power and EIDE cable was a bit frustrating because of the tight space. I'm still awaiting delivery of my Proline universal 3.5" face plate. By the way, I reconfigured the CD-ROM and made it the slave so that the Orb could be the master.

The Mac recognizes the Orb as a standard hard drive and Drive Setup formatted the cartridges fine. It is also bootable and quite fast - although not as fast as the G3/BW's internal hard drive."