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Orange UK halts BlackBerry Bold sales

The British wireless provider stops selling the Research In Motion phone as it looks into 3G-related issues. The companies "expect to provide a software maintenance release soon."

RIM BlackBerry Bold
RIM BlackBerry Bold RIM

Orange UK has temporarily stopped selling Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold while it tries to figure out a solution to unspecified 3G-related problems on the handset.

The operator halted sales of the popular handset on Friday. According to a spokesperson, sales will resume when a software fix becomes available, though no date was given.

"Orange UK is committed to providing the BlackBerry Bold to its customers in the U.K.; however, Orange UK and (BlackBerry manufacturer) RIM are currently working on providing a maintenance release of software to address some reported 3G-related concerns," a statement from Orange on Monday read.

"Although the reported 3G concerns have been limited to a minority of Orange customers in the U.K., Orange UK and RIM both take customer concerns very seriously and felt it was prudent to introduce a maintenance release of software for Orange UK customers," the statement continued. "Orange UK and RIM apologize to customers for any inconvenience and expect to provide a software maintenance release soon."

The company declined to give details to ZDNet UK about the problem. The BlackBerry Bold is the first in RIM's line of smartphones to include high-speed 3G, or HSDPA, connectivity.

David Meyer of ZDNet UK reported from London.