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Orange Tiny Top Ups let you boost your blower for just 10p

Orange has launched a scheme to let cash-strapped punters top up their Sharon Stone from as little as 10p, rather than the previous minimum of £5.

Orange has launched the Tiny Top Ups scheme, allowing punters on pay as you go deals to add credit to their blower from as little as 10p.

Under the new scheme, you can take your Joey Ramone into an Orange shop, deposit your loose change in the hand of the customer-service representative and demand satisfaction. A 10p top-up will allow you to send a solitary text, while a 20p top-up will let you make a call.

Previously, Orange customers seeking to top up their Sharon Stone would need to stump up at least £5. The operator claims the new scheme will meet the needs of those who've wantonly frittered away all their wonga over the Christmas period, like latter-day Montgomery Brewsters.

Orange plans to celebrate the launch of the scheme by doubling customers' diminutive top-ups during the month of March. We reckon topping up your trombone with anything above £5 will disqualify you from doubling your dosh.

More immediately, a jubilant Orange is offering the chance to win the contents of a large, thin tube filled with 10p pieces (see above). You don't have to be an Orange customer to enter the competition, and you can find out the terms and conditions here. Follow conorfromorange on Twitter and guess the value of the tube's contents to stake your claim to the accumulated shrapnel.