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Orange offers free Sky Sports and Deezer music streaming

Orange is blasting free Swapable services, including Sky Sports Mobile TV, Freeview TV channels and music-streaming service Deezer, to customers.

Orange is blasting free Sky Sports and music streaming into your phone. The citrus-flavoured phone network is offering access to Swapable services including Sky Sports Mobile TV, Freeview TV channels and music-streaming service Deezer to customers on Panther, Orange's top-whack tariff.

Each options is called a Swapable, because you can choose two at a time then swap and change each month.

For the high-brow among you, you can get access to The Times and Sunday Times, which mere mortals must pay for, while Orange Book Club is an ebook app. There are a couple of TV options: MTV for clips of Jersey Shore and more; Sky Sports Mobile TV, which includes Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4, Sky Sports News, ESPN and At the Races; Mobile TV offers 10 TV channels including ITV1, Channel 4 Mobile, Channel 5, Eurosport, MyMovies and WWE.

Then there's 247-Sport sports results, the PlayGames gaming store, Navigon sat nav, GoCommute travel information and Daily Puzzler puzzles. Oh, and horoscopes from Russell Grant. We're looking into the future and we see... we see... absolute indifference.

Deezer nuts

One of the options is music streaming service Deezer. Panther customers are the only people in the UK who get to use Deezer Mobile and stream or save music on their phone, choosing from 13 million songs, without adverts, for free.

Deezer's premium package costs £10 per month for everyone else, which doesn't include the mobile options. Premium Deezers can stream from computer to phone, should you feel the need, but there's no offline playback or streaming over the air while you're out and about.

Deezer is a French service, and Orange has a similar deal in France. Deezer Mobile won't be available to T-Mobile customers, even though Orange and T-Mob are now the same company -- Everything Everywhere.

Deezer's most obvious rival is Spotify. Spotify also offers a mobile option as part of its £10 premium service, but the Android and iPhone apps work on any network. Spotify has offered free subscriptions as part of a phone contract with 3, but that hasn't ruled out other users from using the app. Spotify also lets you pay month-by-month, where if you decide Deezer is deez-picably rubbish, you're stuck with a two-year phone contract.

Network promises

Orange offers Orange Wednesday, which nabs customers a free midweek cinema ticket, and Orange Film to Go, which bags you a free movie download to ease you into the weekend. Other phone network wheezes to tempt you into a contract include O2 Priority Moments and Vodafone VIP.

Are you tempted to go Orange for some MTV, Deezer or Russell Grant action? Read us your horoscope in the comments or on our Facebook page.