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'Orange is the New Black' teaser and premiere date revealed

Get ready to go back to prison. The Netflix hit returns this summer.

Ready to go back behind bars? The inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary (aka the characters of "Orange Is The New Black") start serving time again June 9, Netflix announced Wednesday.

In addition to the season 5 premiere date, the streaming service released a 15-second preview that doesn't give much away, but reminds us how desperate things were when season 4 ended.

The teaser doesn't explain how the women get out of the perilous (and for one beloved inmate, fatal) situation that ended season 4. In fact, we can't tell if there's even one second of new footage. But it does give a look at some familiar frightened faces.

Start polishing those shivs, just four months till the slammer door slams open.

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