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Meet the 'Trumpagator,' South Carolina's orange alligator

Did the colorful critter eat too many Cheetos? A biologist says the Halloween-like hue should eventually fade or wash off.

Orange we all in need of some more colorful critters in our world? An alligator in South Carolina is leading the way.

The 4- to 5-foot (1.2-1.5 meter) gator has been spotted in and out of a pond in Hanahan, near Charleston. Charleston's Post and Courier newspaper spoke to Kent A. Vliet, an alligator biologist at the University of Florida, and learned the color is probably temporary, and due to something in the gator's environment.

"I have no doubt that animal is stained somehow," Vliet told the paper. "He's the color of rust."

Since the condition isn't genetic, Vliet said the color will eventually wash off or fade away. And gators shed their skin, so like a real orange, it'll eventually get peeled.

Because the neighborhood where the orange gator hangs out is called Tanner Plantation, people posting on the area's Facebook page have had fun with the joke that the color comes from too much self-tanning lotion. Which also led to more than one resident naming the critter after President Donald Trump, the frequent target of self-tanner jokes.

"It's the Trumpagator of Self-Tanner Plantation," wrote one Facebook user quoted by the Post and Courier.

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