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Oral-B interactive Bluetooth toothbrush coming to US teeth soon

After a trip across Europe, the Oral-B Pro SmartSeries 7000 Bluetooth toothbrush is set to come to the US in February of this year.

Here's the Oral-B PRO 7000 SmartSeries Bluetooth toothbrush in action at CES. Anthony Domanico/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- The Oral-B PRO 7000 SmartSeries toothbrush is the first available interactive electric toothbrush, and after a successful launch in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, it's finally slated to come to the US within a couple of months.

The 7000 SmartSeries toothbrush connects via Bluetooth to Oral-B's iPhone or Android app, and gives users real-time feedback on their brushing. The app tells you exactly which part of your mouth you should be brushing, ensuring that you pay the same level of attention to all areas. The app corrects your bad brushing behavior in real time as well. If you press down too hard on your gums, for example, the brush and the app will flash bright red until you soften up. If you don't brush for the full recommended 2 minutes, the app will almost passive aggressively tell you to try harder next time.

The company is working with dentists and hygienists so you can hand your phone over to a professional when it comes time for a checkup, and the hygienist can review your brushing history and suggest brush times for certain areas of your mouth.

Oral-B has embraced gamification with the SmartSeries, and those who brush their teeth consistently, always floss or brush in different continents can earn achievement badges within the app. And those who just have to keep up with the latest news or entertain themselves with videos can program the app to pull in your feeds.

Oral-B will begin rolling out the Oral-B PRO 7000 SmartSeries toothbrush in the US in late February for a suggested retail price of $219, and said we can expect to see it in most stores by the end of March.