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Oracle's XQilla open-source contribution and the art of PR

Oracle just released more open-source code, which is great, but I particularly like how they announced it.

Oracle just announced its contribution of the XQilla XQuery Engine under the Apache open-source license. There are two things that I like about this:

  1. It's an open-source contribution and demonstrates that open source isn't purely Machiavellian at Oracle and
  2. It's the best press release I've seen in a long time.

On the former point, Ken Jacobs and others within Oracle's open-source ranks would suggest that I've been looking in the wrong places if I think Oracle is fairly mercenary with regard to open source. Fair enough.

But take a look at the press release (link above) to grok my second point. I've never seen a press release like this, completely in bullet-point format. What a refreshing change. Just the facts....