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Oracle's acquisition of BEA is a big win for JBoss/Red Hat - the downloads don't lie

Oracle's acquisitive appetite is good for open source.

Credit Suisse is citing Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems as a "win win across the board" in research sent out to its clients. Writes Jason Maynard:

It further diversifies Oracle's business and strengthens its competitive position....We continue to think Oracle is the best positioned enterprise software company and the most capable of handling a potential slowdown in IT spending.

Rebecca Wettemann, VP of Nucleus Research, piles on to the lovefest, arguing:

Acquiring BEA technology cements Oracle's position of leadership in the application and application integration space. While Oracle's integration story with Fusion middleware and AIA was already much stronger and "realer" than SAP's, this adds more integration expertise and technology to the portfolio.

So, good for Oracle. But it's also probably a huge boon for Red Hat and the JBoss team. Why?

Because not everyone wants to be locked into Oracle's ecosystem play. For those who want best-of-breed, they're already looking at JBoss. This will only accelerate adoption. In fact, take a look at JBoss downloads today:


JBoss downloads for today - remember, I'm typing this at 9:30 AM PST - are nearing the number they normally hit in a single day, and that's within the first few hours of the day.

Is this good for Oracle? Absolutely. Is it a great boon for open source? Emphatically so.