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Oracle upgrades business suite

The new software will provide a complete view of sales data through Oracle's financial management and manufacturing applications.

Oracle (ORCL) today debuted a number of enhancements to its business application software suite.

The company today rolled out Oracle Sales Analyzer and Service Analyzer, scheduled to be available by the second half of the year, the company said.

The software is intended to provide a complete view of sales data through Oracle's financial management and manufacturing applications, enabling companies to get a clearer picture of their sales transactions and to pinpoint market trends and potential prospects.

The suite is an example of a new breed of business applications broadly labeled Technology-Enabled Selling, a model defined by the Gartner Group for combining various technologies that allow for sales force automation and technology-enabled telephone sales in order to increase a company's profits.

Oracle?s new Sales Analyzer and Service Analyzer are integrated into the Oracle Front Office application suite and can be deployed through a call center for telesales, through a Web browser, or to a mobile sales force, the company said.

Oracle?s latest enhancements show a significant difference from some of its competitors in the sales force automation (SFA) software market. SAP, PeopleSoft , and Baan have acquired or invested in companies that make SFA technology in order to expand their core business applications to the front office, or customer service area.

Instead of buying the technology, Oracle has developed the technology itself.

Analysts say the move into this segment of the business process represents a new drive by many companies in the industry to bring their core product into the customer services area--the front-office, which will help their presence in the electronic commerce market as well.

Pricing was not immediately available.