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Oracle tools get Web face

Oracle is shipping a Web interface to its database systems management tools.

Oracle today announced a new Web interface for its database systems management tools that allows remote administration of Oracle databases through any standard Web browser.

The Web interface allows system administrators to work on the PC or Unix system of their choice, while maintaining a common interface to Oracle's Enterprise Manager tools. The tools can be used to manage local and remote Oracle databases, allowing changes to database configurations, backup and recovery operations, user account management, and monitoring of vital statistics.

A number of database and server application makers plan to introduce Web interfaces to their management tools throughout the year. Along with simplifying access to management tools for users, the Web interface also slashes development time for tools vendors, since a new client interface doesn't need to be developed for each supported operating system.

Oracle is shipping the Web interface free of charge as part of its Oracle7 release 7.3 database server and its Oracle Web Server.

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