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Oracle to support Ajax, Flash for rich Internet applications

At JavaOne, Oracle lays out its plan to enhance JDeveloper and its server software.

At the JavaOne conference on Wednesday, Oracle executives said they plan to introduce tools for rich Internet application development. The company also released a development kit for the Java-based Spring Framework.

Oracle is enhancing its JDeveloper tool and Application Development Framework to allow Java developers to create interactive Web applications using Java or Ajax. Graphics can built using Ajax and the Java Server Faces standard and can be rendered in Flash.

The next version of JBuilder will also have an JavaScript editor and support the latest Web services standards, according to a company.

Separately, Thomas Kurian, Oracle's senior vice president of server technologies, said that Oracle is designing its server software for service-oriented architectures, event processing, and transactions.

Oracle will build support for the Service Component Architecture (SCA) standard in future versions, Kurian said in a statement.