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Oracle to buy Interlace Systems

As it cools its heels waiting for a response from BEA Systems, Oracle announces plan to buy the operational planning software maker.

While it cools its heels waiting for a response from BEA Systems, Oracle is moving forward with other acquisitions.

The database and enterprise applications software maker announced Wednesday it plans to snap up Interlace Systems, which develops operational planning software. The deal aims to bolster Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System by integrating Interlace's software that's designed to help companies re-evaluate scenarios across various functions, change operational assumptions and evaluate the effect on their business.

The deal is expected to close next month, which is in contrast to Oracle's efforts to acquire BEA.

Oracle on Tuesday announced it issued a deadline to BEA. By sundown Sunday, BEA needs to invite Oracle and its $17-a-share buyout bid to the negotiating table. Otherwise, the deal disappears.

And while Oracle would not disclose the financial terms in the Interlace deal, it's looking to lay down $6.7 billion for BEA.