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Oracle reorganizes, and Wookey walks

Oracle once again plays the musical chair tune, retooling its enterprise applications business and losing a key executive.

Oracle has been known to play musical chairs with its executives and retool its operations with a jack hammer.

And in this latest go-around, the enterprise applications software giant is cutting loose John Wookey, Oracle's senior vice president of applications development, who handled its Fusion efforts, according to Dennis Howlett, who runs Irregular Enterprise, a blog on ZDNet.

Wookey, when reached at his home Monday night by CNET's, declined to comment on his status. A spokesman for Oracle said Tuesday morning the company does not usually comment on executive changes.

Howlett, citing an e-mail sent throughout the company by Larry Ellison, Oracle's top dog and founder, notes Wookey's work of fusing together all of Oracle's acquisitions of applications companies under its Fusion efforts will now be headed by Thomas Kurian.

Kurian will now handle Oracle's Fusion middleware and applications efforts, while Ed Abbo will handle non-Fusion related application development, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Although the changes are slated to take effect immediately, Wookey reportedly will remain with Oracle until the transition is humming along, the Journal reports.