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Oracle polishes HR apps

The improvements will make human resource organizations more efficient and give management insight into critical workforce issues, Oracle says.

Oracle today announced new enhancements to its Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS) applications suite, including Web- and workflow-based competency management, increased self-service functions, and enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

Available with Oracle Applications Release 11, which was released this month, the improvements to Oracle HRMS will enable users to do end-to-end competency management, making human resource organizations more efficient and giving management insight into critical workforce issues, Oracle said.

The HRMS update includes new features to enable updates to targets, objectives, career plans, and performance ratings. They also provide a cost and benefit analysis of training functions when compared to an organization's performance and business objectives.

Added features such as Line Manager Direct Access and Employee Direct Access give both managers and employees access to information they need to manage their careers. The self-service Web applications let employees register for internal job offerings, update resumes, sign up for training, and participate in other career management functions

The new enhancements also include tools for users to report on and analyze business trends.

In a related announcement today, HireRight, a division of DynaNet, said it will offer an Internet-based recruiting system as an extension of Oracle's HRMS applications.

Last week, Oracle rolled out a series of analysis tools for its business whole applications package. Oracle announced the Business Intelligence System (BIS) 1.0, a set of 20 client-side tools for analyzing business performance in a number of areas such as financial management human resources, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service.