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Oracle polishes database

Oracle continues to trickle out new functionality for its much hyped Oracle8i database.

    Oracle continues to trickle out new functionality for its much hyped Oracle8i database.

    The latest addition to the new database scheduled for release later this year, is functionality that will allow companies to run their vital applications over wide-area networks like the Internet, without fear that the lines will fail and important data will be lost.

    Among the enhancements are a caching system and clustering capability when used with a new version of the Redwood Shores, California-based firm's parallel server for Oracle8i.

    "The features we put in the Oracle8 product to support traditional styles of computing like online data processing and data warehousing, we are using to support new Internet applications too," said Chuck Rozwat, vice president of server technologies at Oracle.

    Among the new features are Cache Fusion, which uses dedicated high-speed interconnects and the parallel server's new functionality to let data pass directly between nodes. By doing this, if the connection to one server is lost, the data and application can immediately be transferred to another server, so that users don't lose their work.

    Other enhancements include fast-start architecture, which improves recovery time from system faults, online reorganization, which allows database maintenance to be done while the user or customer is accessing the data; and single system view, which is meant to simplify cluster management by making an entire cluster of servers appear as one system to the administrator.

    The system will be available by the end of the year. It is currently entering a second phase of beta testing.