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Oracle, PeopleSoft can't make a date

The two companies clash over a trial date for their Alameda County Superior Court case.

PeopleSoft and Oracle clashed on Wednesday over a trial date for their Alameda County Superior Court case. PeopleSoft, which is suing Oracle for allegedly damaging its business by launching a hostile bid to acquire the company, is seeking a trial by Oct. 4. Oracle contends it needs more time to prepare for the complex case and wants the trial to begin in midsummer 2005.

The judge told the parties he will review their requests and make a decision in the coming days. The Alameda County Superior Court hearing followed another one earlier in the day in Delaware Chancery Court, where Oracle and PeopleSoft investors are suing PeopleSoft to remove its antitakeover measure, otherwise known as a "poison pill." The Delaware judge indicated he would be willing to consider holding a hearing on that case sometime after the Department of Justice concludes its June 7 trial against Oracle, where the DOJ seeks to block the hostile bid.