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Oracle cuts 270 U.K. jobs

The company lays off 270 consultants in the United Kingdom this week, about 8 percent of its U.K.-based work force.

Oracle laid off 270 consultants in the United Kingdom this week.

The job cuts, which occurred Monday, make up 8 percent of Oracle's U.K.-based workforce of 3,100 people, but less than 1 percent of Oracle's overall work force of 42,000 employees.

Oracle cut 200 jobs earlier this year. An Oracle representative said the company will try to rehire the workers who were laid off earlier this week in other positions that remain unfilled.

"We are constantly re-evaluating business-critical staffing allocations as part of our ongoing efforts to consolidate operations, eliminate redundancy and increase our technological efficiencies," the company said in a statement released Thursday. "We are always adding headcount in key areas, and we continue our recruiting efforts."

The company is scheduled to report its first-quarter earnings Sept. 17. Earlier this summer, Oracle executives predicted the slowdown in tech spending to continue through the rest of the year. In June, Oracle Chief Financial Officer Jeff Henley said he expected Oracle would earn a first-quarter profit of 7 cents per share with software license revenue down 15 percent to 25 percent.