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Optus pushing SatSleeves, bringing reception to the isolated and rural

The devices attach to smartphones and grant reception where there otherwise would be none.


SatSleeves offer extra reception to mobile users in remote or rural areas, and Optus is making them easier than ever to get.

On Wednesday the telco said that the Thuraya SatSleeve, a device that fits on your smartphone like a case, would be made available at Optus stores for an outright purchase of $888 or on a 24-month payment plan.

The 24-month payment plan, however, is only available to those also connecting to a 24-month post-paid smartphone contract.

"With the SatSleeve, Optus customers no longer need to rely on being within close proximity to a mobile base station for coverage," said Steve Long, the company's director of local markets.

"We know this is a product that isn't necessary for most people," he continued. "But for fly-in, fly-out workers in mining or gas exploration locations, to grey nomads and tourists traversing our expansive country, the SatSleeve provides coverage to even the most isolated parts of Australia."

SatSleeves, compatible with both Apple and Android devices, until now have needed to be specially ordered online through Optus.