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Optus prices iPhone 3GS

Optus announces iPhone 3GS pricing, plus sheds light about how iPhone tethering costs will work.

(Credit: Optus/CNET Australia)

Optus today unveiled pricing for the iPhone 3GS with a week to spare before the phone's in-store availability on Friday, 26 June.

Optus will now offer 3 iPhone models, with the 32GB 3GS version starting for $0 up-front on a $99 "Timeless" plan. This plan includes unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS plus a 1.5GB of data pack for the 24-month life of a new contract. After this contract period customers will be required to pay an additional $14.99 per month for data.

Also made available will be 8GB 3G and 16GB 3GS models, with $0 up-front pricing starting from $59 and $99 per month respectively. All three iPhone models will be sold on contracts for lower per month costs, but customers will incur a monthly handset payment on top of these lower price capped plan prices.

In addition to handset and network access pricing, Optus also outlined the cost for internet tethering and add-on data plans. Apple's iPhone 3GS comes with iPhone as Modem tethering functionality, allowing users to use their monthly internet data allowance to surf the web after connecting their iPhone to a compatible laptop or PC.

Optus will support this feature, offering the service to iPhone customers for $9.99 per month on top of any data pack, though the Telco announced today that customers choosing a $99 "Timeless" iPhone 3GS contract will not have to pay this additional cost. Optus also offers specially designed Mobile as Modem data packs, with 2GB and 6GB allowances for either $24.99 or $44.99 per month after paying the $9.99 per month access fee outlined above.

Optus add-on data packs:

Data pack
Monthly cost
Data allowance
Starter Pack $4.99 25MB
Classic Pack $9.99 200MB
Super Pack $14.99 500MB
Ultimate Pack $19.99 1GB
Mobile as Modem 2GB $24.99 2GB
Mobile as Modem 6GB $44.99 6GB

All data packs listed above include charges additional to Optus' "yes" Cap iPhone Plans and incur a $0.35 per MB excess usage fee.