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Optus extends Social Cap to X10 mini

Optus is offering free Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter to customers choosing a Sony Ericsson X10 mini on any of its Social Caps.

Optus has begun selling the new Sony Ericsson X10 mini on its Social Cap, offering free Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube access on top of standard cap inclusions.

(Credit: Sony Ericsson)

Customers signing up to a two-year Social Cap can choose an X10 Mini for $0 upfront on an AU$49 per month plan, or add AU$8 per month on handset repayments to an AU$19 Social Cap offer. The AU$49 per month option includes AU$370 worth of calls and messages plus 500MB of data to use outside of the unmetered social networking sites listed above.

The X10 mini runs on the Google Android system at version 1.6, like the previously released Xperia X10. It also employs a similar user experience as the Xperia X10, but modified for its smaller 2.5-inch touchscreen display. The Optus Social Cap had previously been restricted to Motorola handsets (Dext, BackFlip and Quench), which feature the MotoBlur social networking software.