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Optus brings mobile coverage underground for Melbourne trains

​Melbourne commuters will be able to say goodbye to mobile black spots on trains with Optus set to bring mobile coverage underground on parts of the network by the end of the year.

Melbourne commuters will soon have more coverage on the city's train network.Image by Zed Fitzhume, CC BY 2.0

Optus has announced that it will be increasing coverage for its customers on one of Melbourne's "busiest train lines" in 2014, as the telco rolls out infrastructure for underground 3G and 4G mobile coverage on the City Loop line.

In partnership with the Victorian Government and the state-owned VicTrack, Optus will switch on 3G and 4G mobile coverage for the City Loop "later this year", after which efforts will be focused on "expanding and enhancing the services and coverage".

Optus customers will be able to access mobile data and make phone calls at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament underground stations as well as in the tunnels between these stations.

Speaking about the rollout, Optus vice president of corporate and regulatory affairs David Epstein said it would bring "a more entertaining and productive commute" to the Optus customers.

"Today's announcement is an important first step in delivering mobile coverage to millions of rail commuters in Melbourne, so they can stay connected even underground," he said.

"Optus is continually investing and expanding our network to provide strong coverage and capacity for a great mobile customer experience, a mix of spectrum, technologies and plans. Our aim is to connect more people in more places, on their mobile devices. As a result our customers are experiencing better in-building coverage, stronger signals and faster data speeds."