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Optus announces EPL pricing, with a freebie for top-tier customers

Optus customers will be able to watch all 380 games of the 2016/17 English Premier League season for the same price as a streaming subscription.


Optus will stream the EPL to customers for the 2016/17 season.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Optus is giving customers the English Premier League 2016/17 season, live and unmetered, all for roughly the same price as a monthly streaming subscription.

The telco today announced plans for the EPL rights it picked up late last year, offering access for AU$15 a month on cheaper plans, and for free on mobile and home broadband plans valued over $85 a month.

The package will include all 380 games of the season streamed live, as well as a dedicated EPL channel with catch-up games and additional game analysis. The EPL app will also be available through Optus on Fetch TV, as well as on the new mini set-top box, Fetch Mini.

The move into EPL sees Optus establishing itself as a streaming provider, as well as a telco, charging customers the same price as streaming services such as Netflix (up to $14.99/month) and Presto (AU$14.99/month for TV and Movies).

Prepaid, home wireless and some older Optus plans will miss out on EPL, but customers on eligible mobile and broadband plans can pre-register from May 15.