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Optimus Prime: Hero, guardian, lousy car parker

In Manhattan for Toy Fair 2011, the leader of the Autobots has a thing or two to learn about legal parking, it seems.

"Autobots! Transform and roll...Ah, crap, really? I told you all this was a metered spot." @terrordrome

Optimus Prime is maybe the most famous Transformer of all. Nearly every rendition and interpretation of the Autobots has him in charge. He's wise, loyal, heroic, and, apparently, a crappy car parker.

Indeed, the truck that occasionally portrays Optmius in Michael Bay's insane Transformers films is in NYC this week to promote the latest at Toy Fair 2011 (which we're all over), and a Twitter user with the awesome handle @terrordrome tweeted a photo of him outside (though the tweet is now missing). And later he noticed something: a parking ticket, as BoingBoing pointed out.

We're not sure if the parking attendant didn't realize what he or she was doing, if there was some forgotten permit, or if Prime is just too badass to care about a ticket, but it's funny all the same. We're hoping the leader of the Autobots challenges it in court. Who's going to ask a 65-foot-tall heavily armed alien robot to pay the $110 fine? Not any judge I've met.