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'Optimus Maximus' gets minimus price (sort of)

A $462 model is a lot less than the original $1,564, but there's a big catch.

Art Lebedev

We really don't like posting about the "Optimus Maximus" keyboard. There, we said it. Despite our admitted fascination with odd keyboards, the hype over this one got out of hand long ago.

Still, we aim to please here at Crave. So even though we've resisted posting every incremental detail about this Russian-made peripheral, we feel obligated to pass along this report that the Op-Max can be had for much less than the original $1,564 price--$462.27 to be exact, according to Gizmodo.

The difference in functionality is more than cosmetic, however: Instead of 113 programmable keys, this stripped-down version has only one "active button," the space bar. You can apparently get 10 smart keys for more than twice the cost of the bargain model, at $1,000. (We're not sure how that equation works, but we flunked math.) That keyless "OrbiTouch" keyboard is looking better all the time.