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Optaros signs on open-source middleware

The consulting group said it will use LogicBlaze middleware for its services-oriented architecture practice.

Open-source services company Optaros said it will provide consulting services around LogicBlaze's Fuse, a bundle of open-source middleware. The LogicBlaze software will be one of the packages that Optaros uses as part of its consulting practice around service-oriented architecture (SOA), said Adam Michelson, director of SOA and enterprise architecture at Optaros.

A service-oriented architecture is a modular, standards-based system design which promises to make it easier to build and maintain appilcations. Fuse includes modules for integrating different systems using standardized protocols. "We think that service-oriented architectures and open source fit well together because open-source solutions build religiously to standards, so there's no vendor lock in," said Michelson.