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Oppo's R11 FC Barcelona edition is a gift for soccer fans

The Chinese company has unveiled a dazzling Barcelona FC edition of its R11 phone, feature an 18K gold crest.

Sometimes jerseys and scarves just aren't enough to express your fandom. 

Oppo has unveiled a special Barcelona Football Club edition of its R11 phone. It's got the same insides as the R11 -- a solid Android phone with great dual cameras and a long battery life -- but decorated with Barcelona FC's blue and maroon colours. 

It's also got the club's logo in 18K gold, which is quite wild if you're into that sort of thing. The final cherry on top is the operating system, a modified version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat that's Barcelona FC themed.

You've probably not heard of Oppo before, but it's one of the world's biggest smartphone brands thanks to its popularity in China, where it's No. 2 behind Huawei. Strangely, the limited edition phone is launching in China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand -- but not anywhere in Europe. It does make sense for China though, a country in which football is the second most watched sport

The phone is a touch more expensive than the standard edition. It'll retail for AU$699 in Australia, slightly more than the standard $AU649. If you're in the US looking to import, it may be cheaper to do so from China. In Oppo's homeland, it retails for 3,499 yuan, which converts to around $530 and £400. 

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