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Oppo now selling through Allphones

Three months after launching into the Australian market, smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced its first major retail partner.

The Oppo N1 Mini Nic Healey/CNET

Oppo first formally brought its smartphone range into Australia back in September this year, kicking off with a small selection of three handsets from its not inconsiderable range.

At the time, Oppo noted that it would initially only be selling the handsets through its e-commerce site, but was looking into procuring local retail partners.

Today the company announced Allphones as its first partner, with all 3 handsets now available for purchase from the 71 Allphones stores around Australia.

The move seems aimed at capturing some of the Christmas market, with Oppo bundling its phones with additional accessories.

The AU$719 Find 7 will comes with a flip cover, a screen protector and an additional 3,000mAh battery, while the AU$539 N1 Mini will get a cover, screen protector and the Oppo-made iLike Bluetooth speaker. The AU$219 Neo 5 will have a hardshell cover, a flip cover and a screen protector as its accessories.