Opera: Problems with Flash

Opera: Problems with Flash


Some users are reporting issues with Flash in the Opera browser, a problem apparently confirmed by the Opera technical support team.

MacFixIt reader Terence Thompsn writes:

"I couldn't view or copy Flash images in Mac OS 10.3 (PowerPC) or 10.4 (Intel Mac) with the latest download of Opera."

A technical support representative provided the following response:

"I investigated the issue and found it to be a bug. As you point out yourself, the image that is supposed to be shown is within a Flash container. This container is not shown at all in Opera, neither on Mac nor Windows. I have reported the issue and it will be taken care of by the proper team. Keep checking in on new versions, it will be fixed eventually."

Note that you should make sure your browser.js file is updated to the current release if you are experiencing Flash problems with certain sites. Although the aforementioned problem may not yet be resolved, problems with Flash playback on a number of sites have been resolved wit the latest iteration of this file.

Opera automatically checks for updates to Browser JavaScript once every week. You can manually check for updates using Help > Check for updates.

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