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Opera Mobile 10 beta on WinMo today

Opera 10 beta for Windows Mobile is available today, and we got our hands on an early copy to check out its new features, including SpeedDial and better tabbed browsing

We just wrote our mobile Web browser showdown and browsers are already improving -- not that we want to take all the credit, but Opera is releasing Opera Mobile 10 beta for Windows Mobile today.

We got a sneak peak at the latest version of a browser we liked in version 9.7 beta, thanks to its speed and the way it stuck close to Web standards. Tested on our trusty Toshiba TG01, version 10 beta lived up to its predecessor, also scoring 100/100 on the Acid3 test and shaving five seconds off the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, scoring 35,062.0ms.

Version 10 beta improves Opera Mobile's user interface with a sharp, modern look and an early Christmas stocking full of new features.

You can still open multiple pages, but instead of a list, open tabs are smartly presented as tiled thumbnails. It's more like the desktop version of Opera, and includes the SpeedDial feature -- a home screen with thumbnails of your favourite sites -- which is especially useful for a touchscreen phone, since the icons are big and finger-friendly.

You can save passwords and save images offline, and most importantly, sites load quickly and look accurate and clear. There's still no Flash to be seen, though.

Opera 10 beta is already available for Symbian S60, and you can grab either version by visiting in your phone's existing, probably skankier Web browser.