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Opera chairman a longtime Microsoft critic

Although Opera's antitrust complaint against Redmond is new, Chairman William Raduchel in the late 1990s said Bill Gates was a lot like John Rockefeller.

Opera's antitrust complaint against Microsoft may be new, but Chairman William Raduchel has been a critic of Microsoft's tactics for some time.

Raduchel was in a top strategy role at Sun Microsystems back in the late 1990s, when that company filed its antitrust suit against Microsoft. And he had some choice things to say about Microsoft at the time, according to quotes rediscovered by Todd Bishop over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In a 1999 book, High Noon, Raduchel is said to have likened Bill Gates to John Rockefeller, saying each had a sense that they had a "God-given right" to the power they enjoyed. Raduchel left Sun in 1999 to become AOL's chief technology officer.

Sun eventually settled its antitrust case with Microsoft in 2004.

It's interesting to note that Opera is the first big complaint we've heard about since Microsoft accepted the EU's decision. After a U.S. court ruled that Microsoft was a monopoly, a host of private antitrust complaints were filed, including Sun's. Anyone have ideas on who is next to complain to Brussels?