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OpenSocial apps now available to Orkut users in India

Plenty of social networks are rolling out OpenSocial-compatible developer platforms, but Orkut's is of particular interest because Google owns it.

And now, the latest in social network developer platform announcements: Orkut, the community site owned by Google, has rolled out a directory of applications to its users in India and will continue to expand geographically over the next few weeks.

India, along with Brazil, is one of Orkut's main hubs of popularity; in Brazil, it faces many of the same issues that massive social networks like Facebook and MySpace do in the U.S. Despite having been developer in-house in Google's Mountain View, Calif.-based headquarters, the site has never really taken off stateside. Meanwhile, rival MySpace is currently launching an India-centric portal that will compete with Orkut.

Here's something interesting: At least for the time being, Orkut users are limited to 25 applications per profile. Google representatives were not immediately available for comment on whether this is permanent restriction.

Announcements about social network developer platforms are a dime a dozen, now that Facebook's example made developer applications practically mandatory, but Orkut has drawn particular attention because it's owned by Google. The OpenSocial API, on which Orkut's platform is based, was launched by Google last year.

Google has since announced that it will relinquish control of OpenSocial, turning the project into a nonprofit organization in collaboration with Yahoo, News Corp.'s, and other partners.