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OpenMoko's next Linux phone gets price

It's estimated at $399 for a single handset or $3,690 for a pack of 10.

OpenMoko's Neo FreeRunner OpenMoko

The idea of Linux phones has been around for years but, until Google's Android began making headlines, it had been slow to gain traction in any big way. Now OpenMoko's "Neo Freerunner," an updated version of its original "Neo 1973," is apparently steaming ahead for the mass market with official pricing.

The new model will go for $399 or, if you prefer buying your handsets in bulk, $3,690 for a pack of 10, according to Gizmodo. The Neo FreeRunner, which has a faster 500MHz processor than its predecessor's 266MHz chip, features built-in hardware for 3D graphics, new motion sensors, and Wi-Fi networking.

No release date is has been announced but, with the recent competition infusing the open-source phone market, OpenMoko is working hard on its first test devices and will reportedly provide distribution details in the next week or so.