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Opening door sounds like screaming R2-D2

Watch this viral video of a door in an undisclosed hotel lobby that mimics the famous astromech's signature squeal for help. Star Wars is indeed everywhere.

When you're a geek, sometimes it's easy to stumble on Star Wars in the most common of places.

Whether it's a cabinet door that sounds like Chewbacca or an elevator that sounds like a TIE fighter, it seems that doors often produce the same kind of audio effects we've come to love in Star Wars.

This door in an unknown hotel lobby is no different. But instead of Wookiee roars and spaceships in battle, we can hear poor R2-D2's screams in this fan-made video, posted on YouTube on May 20.

The video is nothing more than a nondescript automatic door opening and closing. The video might be simple, but it's already gone viral, with over 764,820 views.