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Openads turns 10,000

Openads just nabbed its 10,000th publisher on its new platform. Why this is cool.

It's often difficult to find existing or new customers to adopt a new release. Openads, however, is having the opposite problem. With 10,000 publishers jumping onto the latest release of its ad network, the "problem" will be managing its growth:

I am very pleased to announce that, as of yesterday, over 10,000 publishers are using the latest Openads stable release (2.4). In the space of just 3 months we have reached this exciting milestone with publishers upgrading from the older releases and new publishers turning to Openads to manage their online advertising.

Think of Openads as the open-source Doubleclick. Except that it offers real choice for publishers:

It's small wonder that some web heavyweights (websites you use to get news, interact with friends, etc.) use OpenAds, just as these same properties build their infrastructure with MySQL and other open-source software. Why waste money on licenses/gating fees to real value?

This trend has only accelerated with Google's acquisition of Doubleclick. The web doesn't want to be owned by one company, no matter how "not evil" it may be. People want choice, and with OpenAds they get choice in spades.

This is one of the top companies - open source or not - to watch. It has the chance to turn the advertising market on its head - to copyleft it, as it were. Very, very fun to watch.