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Open Transport Remote Access glitch

Open Transport Remote Access glitch

Rick Chin writes: "There is a problem with the Open Transport Remote Access extension/library, which has been confirmed by Apple. A unrecoverable crash/freeze will occur during the boot process if the startup disk is locked and the Open Transport Remote Access extension tries to load. This problem has actually been around since System 7.6 or 7.6.1. It affects many security or access control programs. Currently the easiest solution is to disable this extension."

Rick quotes the following from Apple Computer Developer Support:

"The behavior of the "OpenTpt Remote Access" shared library on a locked volume is a bug. It is registered as such in our bug tracking database. The Open Transport team has this bug listed as one to consider for the future, but for the present, there is no supported way to boot from a locked media with "OpenTpt Remote Access" installed."