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Open sourcing voyeurism and the new idiocy

Camfess is a new site. It's not worth looking at. But you probably will, anyway.

I never cease to be amazed by the bizarre and inane uses to which the web can be put. The most recent case in point is Camfess, "a site where you can share your secret on video anonymously." Makes sense, right? You have a secret, so why not share it online with everyone?

This is a really, really, really dumb idea.

But wait! The site is special because is allows you to share profane or simply personal things in an anonymous way. You know, online, to thousands or millions of viewers (but with your voice of face disguised, if you wish).

I may be old-fashioned, but I thought the way to do this was with a journal. Sharing it at Camfess is a vulgar form of exhibitionism that breeds an equally unhealthy voyeurism.

Featured entries so far include "Sex with a married man" and an apparently naked woman (she's not - I read the comments) telling us "Why I go to Burning Man." There's a prurient side of me that might be interested in these things, but it's not the side I like to encourage. Nor is the side of us that most people really want to encourage.

Oddly enough, the top "confessions" on the site are also those that look the most sexual. We're apparently not interested in confessions and connecting, but rather in soft porn. I'm sure there are better places for that than Camfess.

These people are idiots. They should get lives. The fact that they're on Camfess is a confession that they're bozos. I confess: I will not spend another millisecond on the site (but now that I've blogged it, you just may...). Sigh. I just became part of the problem.