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Open source's moment of truth

Over the past several years, corporate America has warmed to open-source software programs such as the Linux operating system and the Apache Web server.

In response to the June 24 Perspectives column by Richard Wilder, "Open source's moment of truth":

I find it very interesting that the Perspective column by Mr. Wilder goes on at great length about how companies are "suddenly" worried about IP rights of Open Source software, but he doesn't seem to be similarly worried about IP rights of proprietary software.

It is just as possible for a proprietary software vendor to suddenly discover an Intellectual Property problem, and to have to take some extreme action like withdrawing, re-implementing and re-releasing software due to a legal action from a competitor. If anything, an Open Source project is in a stronger position to turn something like that around quickly. Commercial companies are every bit as vulnerable to problems like plagiarism as are Open Source projects.

Marc Mengel
Lisle, IL