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Open Sources Episode 7: pervasive open source

Open your earholes to the latest episode of Open Sources podcast. This time we talk about pricing, microblogging and more!

Take a break with the Open Sources podcast
Take a break with the Open Sources podcast Open Sources

Episode 7 of Open Sources started off just fine as our guest Chris Fleck, Vice President, Solutions Development & Community Evangelism, Citrix joined us on time and with a good Skype connection. Sadly, AudioHijack had a bit of a hiccup and stopped recording. As such, we'll have to try again with Chris. In the meantime you can check out his blog.

Listen now

You can also download the MP3 or Ogg

On the plus side, we effectively use the mute button in order to avoid the breathiness you've come to love. Next week we're recording with Reductive Labs/Puppet honcho Luke Kanies and multi-multi-multi-media star Sarah Lacy (finally!)

In this episode:

  • Enterprise microblogging and the fact that Dave got chumped by the CEO of Yammer (or did he chump them?)
  • SocialText Signals and the one-stop collaboration shop
  • Baseline Magazine seems to be stuck in 2003
  • Twitter is hiding their business model from us
  • We both missed the Open Source Think Tank cause we don't drink wine and would prefer some kind of Candyland
  • Open source pricing and transparency--people get hung up on numbers
  • Lots of people are going to OSBC, I'll be offering a bit of open source Shawshank Redemption
  • TheFunded Startup school--good idea if they get the right people

Intro music is The Mob Goes Wild, by Clutch from Full Fathom Five: Audio Field Recordings 2007-2008. The exit music is Man's Ruin, a true rarity--the only known recording of legendary NJ doom-surf band The Dungarees. It was recorded on a boom box in a basement and stands as the only (known) recording of this Jersey-shore legend.

You can follow us on Twitter @daveofdoom and @mjasay.