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Open Sources Episode 3: Why does technology hate us?

Another week, another podcast. Still the same weak content. Someone help us already.

It's hard to believe that doing this stupid podcast could be so incredibly annoying. Between Skype crapping out, Zack Urlocker's lack of experience using a computer and the fact that I had to go from MP3 to WAV to MP3 again the magic just never stopped.


Meanwhile, please to enjoy the latest episode (#3) of Open Sources the ongoing podcast series in which Matt Asay and I attempt to shed light on various topics.

* We mock Zack Urlocker for not being able to use Skype
* We lament commenters and open source's desire to kill itself
* Blog traffic is driven by Google, Apple and Microsoft
* We discuss whether or not Sun can sink open source if they fail
* Matt further realizes that open source companies need more value beyond just a license
* Dave demands that James Governor stop filling up everyone's Twitter box

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