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Open source will win quietly, not through public displays of affection

Open source doesn't need petitions to win. It just needs to become better and better.

So, Felton, California has declared "Lindependence Day." The idea, which took weeks of town meetings to prepare, has the city's citizens going proprietary software-free for a week.


In the meantime, hundreds of millions of people are slowly being acclimated to open-source software via Firefox, Adium, TiVo, and other open-source software (or open-source software-based) applications. Which do you think is more likely to result in a revolution?

Open source won't win through rallies and petitions. It will win as it becomes better and better, such that normal people want to use it. I tricked out my mom's Firefox browser this weekend and she's so excited about the installation of Forecastfox, Adblock Plus, and other things that I think the odds of her going back to Internet Explorer are next to nil.

This is how open source wins. One person at a time, one application at a time.