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Open-source toolmaker acquires Covalent

SpringSource, formerly called Interface21, is buying the provider of products and services for users of Apache Software Foundation projects.

Interface21, which now goes by SpringSource, is looking to add a little bounce to its business by buying fellow open-source company Covalent Technologies.

SpringSource, which announced the acquisition Tuesday, develops a popular open-source tool called Spring Framework designed to help accelerate the development of Java applications for enterprise servers.

With the acquisition, SpringSource is looking to build on Covalent's products and services that target Apache Software Foundation open-source projects, such as the Apache Tomcat Application Server and Apache Geronimo Application Server. Both companies derive revenues from selling support services.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. But it's unlikely that SpringSource used up all of the $10 million it raised in venture funding last May to do the deal.

In summing up the benefits of the merger, Rod Johnson, SpringSource's chief executive, noted in his blog: "Not only does Covalent bring Apache leadership, but our combined company now has significant leadership on Apache Tomcat and HTTP. Two weeks ago, Sun paid $1 (billion) for the "M" in LAMP. Now that Covalent's outstanding Apache expertise and services are part of SpringSource, we are strong leaders in the "A."

The "M" Johnson is referring to is Sun Microsystem's megabuyout deal of open-source database company MySQL. And the "A," of course, is for Apache. Both are part of the popular open-source development products referred to as LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache Web server, MySQL, and the PHP development language that is used by enterprise companies and on the Internet.

The acquisition is designed to enable the combined company to become a one-stop shop, providing open-source products and services to quickly develop, test, deploy, and run enterprise applications using Apache Software Foundation projects and SpringSource's Spring Portfolio.