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Open-source SourceLabs bets on 'SASH' plus Tomcat stack

Support provider SourceLabs sees corporate customers building new applications on open-source, rather than proprietary Java application servers.

Although hyped for years, corporate adoption of open-source Java middleware is just starting to happen, says SourceLabs CEO Byron Sebastian.

SourceLabs on Wednesday released an updated bundled distribution, or "stack," of open-source Java middleware, adding Tomcat to the combination of Spring, Axis, Struts, and Hibernate (SASH).

These open-source frameworks have been popular with Java programmers for years because they help make them more productive. Now more companies are building applications on those components, rather than on proprietary Java application servers, said Sebastian.

"Is not as much ripping and replacing, but there's a huge pent-up demand for new development projects on completely open-source technology. (Corporate customers) realize that for the most part (application servers are) commodity technology," he said.

SourceLabs provides support and testing services for open-source software components to large corporate customers.

With the SASH 2 release, SourceLabs is adding including its systems management tools which are designed to help pinpoint production problems.

The company also added a developer support subscription option for SASH, which costs $299 per year.