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Open source mash-up: Zimbra + SugarCRM, Loopfuse + Acquia

The open-source ecosystem is banding together, one application at a time.

It's a good day for those running more than one open-source application in-house, particularly if you're into Zimbra (email), SugarCRM (CRM), Loopfuse (marketing automation), or Acquia (Drupal-based content management company). I've long felt that open-source integration is best done in cases of mutual self-interest, and not by committee fiat.

First, Loopfuse-plus-Acquia/Drupal:

LoopFuse and Acquia today announced the availability of the LoopFuse OneView integration module for Drupal, enabling marketing organizations to seamlessly extend their LoopFuse marketing automation processes across their Drupal web sites. Taking advantage of LoopFuse's web analytics and campaign management capabilities, Drupal site owners can track activities and connect directly with customers who participate in their community-based web sites.

As an increasing array of companies use Drupal to build collaborative websites, the need to monetize those using marketing automation tools like Loopfuse also grows. This is a great way to get the most from your Drupal investment.

The second software integration is more salient to me, as my company is a Zimbra and SugarCRM customer. DataSync 0.5 Beta has just been released, promising to marry the two open-source products together for email archival:

DataSync Suite 0.5 features Zimbra/SugarCRM integration, which allows users to archive email from Zimbra directly into SugarCRM using an intuitive AJAX interface.

Sounds cool, and could perhaps complement the Zimbra/Alfresco integration we're currently doing here at Alfresco. (Also note that more complete integrations are apparently underway between Zimbra and SugarCRM.) I've become a big fan of both companies on a product level since Alfresco started using them last year.

Now if it could only solve some of the upgrade issues we've had moving to SugarCRM 5.0...? :-) (On that note, SugarCRM's support team has been exceptional throughout the process. You don't need support...until you do.)

Disclosure: I am an advisor to SugarCRM and Loopfuse, a competitor to Acquia (but I really like their product), and a shameless fan of Zimbra.