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Open source in "twit" land

Open source boiled down to "tweets?" I don't think so.

I promised Raven I wouldn't say anything about his new Pulse of Open Source "twit" feed, but I can't help it. I had a few people send it to me yesterday breathlessly asking me if I'd seen it. The answer is, unfortunately, yes. But like with every twit (er, "tweet") feed I've seen, it's mindless and about as useful as Facebook.

Want to see what you've been missing? Look at these gems (from otherwise intelligent, interesting people). There's something about Twitter that lowers a conversation to absolute drivel.

Again, I'm not bagging on the people using the service. I know most of them and like and respect each of them. I've read emails and blogs from them and know they have more to say than this.

But Twitter is not designed to communicate useful information. It's designed to disperse bite-sized chunks of information, and I've yet to see much in these tweets that conveys useful bite-sized chunks of information.

I know some people swear by Twitter. Me? I swear at it. It lets people follow the hand-washings and other irrelevancies of Scoble's life. Enough said.