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Open Source Forum to hit London in June

Red Hat is hosting a forum to highlight the cost and performance advantages of open source in London on June 16, 2009.

There's been plenty of talk about how open source helps enterprises shave costs and boost productivity. In June, Red Hat is putting on an event that promises to substantiate at least some of those claims.

Red Hat is hosting an Open Source Forum in London on June 16, 2009. Heavy on case studies and light on idle chatter (with the exception of my session and Simon Phipps' ;-), the one-day event promises to balance big-picture vision of open source ("Open standards, messages, streams - The Next Big Things") with nuts-and-bolts perspectives from customers actually using open-source software.

If you have the chance to head to London that week, I'd love to spend time hearing how you use open-source software.

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