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Open source executive moves: Red Hat, Bitrock, and more

Who is joining which company? More people are on the move to more good open-source companies than ever before.

People have been changing places within the open-source ranks of late, and I figured I'd note a few that have recently come to my attention:

  • Charlie Martin, once of Ximian (Novell) and then MuleSource, has landed at Red Hat as Western Regional Sales Manager. Well done, mi amigo!
  • Erica Brescia was recently named CEO at Bitrock, an upgrade on her former role as vice president of Business Development. Yes, I did try to hire her once. And yes, she did reject me :-) ;
  • Martin Musierowicz became vice president of Alliances at Alfresco, changing from his previous role as senior director, Business Development. He hasn't treated me with respect since...
  • Lars Nordwall, former vice president of Worldwide Sales at SugarCRM, left a few months ago. He has yet to land his new digs but has been talking with some great companies (If you're not already talking with him, it's probably going to be too late - sorry!).

There are others, of course, but these are the few that jumped to mind (as well as one or two, including a great new hire at Acquia, that I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention yet). Great people, great industry. It's what makes open source so enjoyable.